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Phone: 919-515-8791 Email: knappe@ncsu.eduOffice: 319E Mann Hall  MapWebsite: knappelab.wordpress.ncsu.edu/

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Dr Detlef Knappe


Dr Knappe is interested in drinking water quality and treatment, water reuse, organic micropollutants, development of water treatment processes for persistent organic pollutants, fate of organic pollutants in solid waste landfills

  • Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Detlef Knappe is a Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at NC State University. He received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he joined the NC State faculty in 1996. He has conducted research on water treatment processes for over 20 years, and current research efforts focus on (1) developing and evaluating physical-chemical treatment processes for the control of disinfection byproduct precursors and trace organic compounds (taste and odor causing substances, carcinogenic volatile organic contaminants, 1,4-dioxane, perfluorinated compounds, endocrine disrupting chemicals, antibiotics, and other pharmaceutically active compounds), and (2) overcoming gaps between the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act by developing information about the effects of reactive and unregulated wastewater contaminants on drinking water quality and treatment.

Funding agencies that have supported or are currently supporting his research include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Water Research Foundation, the North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute, and the North Carolina Urban Water Consortium. He served as Associate Editor for the journal Water Science and Technology, is a Topical Editor for the Open Access Journal Drinking Water Engineering and Science, and is a member of the American Water Works Association Standards Committee for Activated Carbon.

Detlef Knappe and his students have been the recipients of numerous best paper, best poster, and best thesis awards. He is a recipient of the NCSU Outstanding Teacher Award, the Bill Horn Kimley-Horn Faculty Award for excellence in graduate and undergraduate teaching and other accomplishments at NC State University, and the Young Civil Engineer Achievement Award from the University of Illinois.

Recent Research Projects for Knappe

  • The Effects of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater on Subsurface Utilities, Surface Water and Drainage — 08/01/16 - 07/31/18 Details
  • EAGER: GOALI: Perfluoro(poly)ethers - a new class of drinking water contaminants — 09/01/15 - 08/31/16 Details
  • Technical Support to Quantify Mobile-Immobile Mass Transfer — 07/13/15 - 07/13/18 Details
  • GAC Control of Regulated and Emerging DBPs of Health Concern — 02/05/15 - 03/18/17 Details
  • 1,4-Dioxane in North Carolina Drinking Water Sources: Occurrence and Treatment Options — 05/15/14 - 08/15/16 Details
  • RAPID; GOALI: Sources of 1,4-Dioxane in the Cape Fear River Watershed of North Carolina and Treatment Options for 1,4-Dioxane Control — 08/15/14 - 10/31/15 Details
  • Evaluation of Flocculants: Optimizing Characteristics and Screening Methods — 08/16/14 - 12/31/16 Details
  • Evaluation of cVOC Removal Efficiencies by Various Technologies — 10/24/13 - 09/30/16 Details
  • New water Treatment Technology Utilizing Non-Thermal Plasma Technology. — 07/01/13 - 09/30/14 Details
  • Development and Evaluation of Colloidal Materials to Adjust Aquifer pH and Enhance Contaminant Biodegradation — 01/01/13 - 03/01/17 Details
  • Bromide Occurrence In North Carolina Drinking Water Sources And Effect On Disinfection By-product Formation — 03/01/13 - 11/28/14 Details
  • Evaluation of Henry's Law Constant and Freundlich Adsorption Constant for VOCs — 10/01/12 - 07/01/16 Details
  • Survey of Existing VOC Treatment Installations and Evaluation of cVOC Removal Efficiencies by Various Technologies — 10/01/12 - 09/30/14 Details
  • Evaluation of Available Scale-up Approaches for the Design of Granular Activated Carbon Contactors — 05/01/10 - 05/01/13 Details
  • Generation of Biodegradation - Sorption Barriers for Munitions Constituents 11 EB-ER1-079 (formerly ER1-038) — 03/30/11 - 03/30/16 Details
  • Removal of Perfluorinated Compounds by Powdered Activated Carbon Blends, Superfine Powdered Activated Carbon, and Magnetic Anion Exchange Resins — 01/01/11 - 12/01/14 Details
  • Numerical Modeling of Post-Remediation Impacts of Anaerobic Bioremediation on Groundwater Quality — 03/22/11 - 03/22/15 Details
  • Evaluation of Available Scale-up Approaches for the Design of Granular Activated Carbon Contactors — 05/01/10 - 05/01/13 Details
  • Effectiveness of Sub-Micrometer Sized Powdered Activated Carbon for the Combined Removal of Disinfection By-Product Precursors and Trace Organic Pollutants — 10/01/09 - 09/01/13 Details
  • Protecting Receiving Waters: Removal of Biochemically Active Compounds from Wastewater by Ozonation and Activated Carbon Adsorption Processes — 03/01/09 - 12/31/10 Details
  • Decision Support Tool Guidance Document for Management of Debris from Incidents of National Significance — 09/05/08 - 01/31/11 Details
  • Treatment Options for the Removal of Emerging Pollutants of Concern — 01/15/09 - 01/14/11 Details
  • Impact of UV Location and Sequence on By-Product Formation — 10/15/07 - 01/15/11 Details
  • Development of an Analytical Method for Taste and Odor Compounds and Application to NC Drinking Water Sources and Finished Waters — 03/01/08 - 08/31/09 Details
  • Protecting Receiving Waters: Removal of Biochemically Active Compounds from Wastewater by Sequential Photochemical and Biological Oxidation Processes — 03/01/07 - 08/31/08 Details
  • Effect of Prolonged Heating on the Asphalt-Aggregate Bond Strength of HMA Containing Liquid Antistrip Additives — 07/01/06 - 06/30/08 Details
  • Master Agreement - Scientific, Technical, Research, Engineering, and Modeling Support (STREAMS) — 09/27/05 - 09/26/10 Details
  • Removal of 2-Methylisoborneol and Geosmin With High-Silica Zeolites and Zeolite-Enhanced Ozonation — 02/01/06 - 01/01/10 Details
  • Evaluation of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Modeling UV-Initiated Advanced Oxidation Processes — 01/01/06 - 07/15/09 Details
  • Study of Landfill Gas as a Pathway for Chemical and Biological Contaminants — 08/25/04 - 12/31/09 Details
  • Predicting Single-Solute Adsorption Isotherms for Non-Regulated Contaminants from Fundamental Adsorbent and Adsorbate — 08/16/03 - 09/30/06 Details
  • Quantifying Anti-Strip Additive in Asphalt (Binder & Mixes) — 07/01/03 - 06/30/05 Details
  • High-Silica Zeolites for the Removal of Polar Organic Contaminants from Drinking Water — 02/15/03 - 06/01/07 Details
  • Supplement to Existing Award: Sequestration Mechanisms and Bioavailability of Tetrachloroethene and Toluene in Solid — 09/01/01 - 02/28/06 Details
  • Effects of Activated Carbon Surface Chemistry & Pore Structure on the Adsorption of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether — 01/01/98 - 04/01/02 Details
  • The Effects of Aging and Sorbent Decomposition on the Bioavailability of Toluene and Xylene in Solid Waste — 10/01/98 - 03/31/02 Details
  • Optimization of Treatment to Mitigate Impacts of Algae and Algae Control on Finished Water Quality — 12/01/96 - 03/15/01 Details

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