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Phone: 919-515-7696 Email: gmkumar@ncsu.eduOffice: 315 Mann Hall  MapWebsite: www.ce.ncsu.edu/kumar

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Dr Kumar Mahinthakumar


Dr Mahinthakumar is interested in large scale modeling of subsurface flow and transport, parallel and distributed computing, optimization and inverse problems, water distribution system analysis

  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S., Applied Mathematics, Claremont Graduate School
  • M.Eng., Environmental Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Peradeniya

Dr. Mahinthakumar's (referred to as Dr. Kumar by his students) long term goal is to develop efficient algorithms and tools to solve large scale civil and environmental engineering problems.

Dr. Kumar is currently focused on 1) real time optimization and inverse modeling for water distribution systems analysis, 2) large scale modeling and characterization of groundwater flow and transport systems, 3) parallel and distributed computing algorithms and tools for environmental applications.

In CCEE, Dr. Kumar collaborates with Dr. Arumugam, Dr. Brill, Dr. DeCarolis and Dr. Ranjithan.

At the graduate level, Dr. Kumar teaches Introduction to Numerical Methods for Civil Engineers (CE 536), High Performance Computing for Civil Engineers (CE 791A), and Inverse Modeling for Civil Engineers (CE 791B). In Numerical Methods, he teaches application of common numerical methods to civil engineering problem solving. The high performance computing course is a project based course focused on parallel and distributed computing algorithms for large scale civil engineering applications. The inverse modeling course focuses on heuristic and gradient based search techniques as well as Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for the solution of civil engineering parameter estimation and system identification problems. The graduate students who work with Dr. Kumar enjoy computer programming and are interested in developing innovative methods and tools for large scale civil engineering problem solving.

Recent Research Projects for Mahinthakumar

  • Water Distribution Modeling Experiments with the Cary Network — 10/01/14 - 07/31/16 Details
  • Cybersees: Type II: Cyber-Enabled Water and Energy Systems Sustainability Utilizing Climate Information — 09/01/14 - 08/31/18 Details
  • WSC - Category 3: Collaborative Research: Water Sustainability under Near-term Climate Change : A Cross-Regional Analysis Incorporating Socio-Ecological Feedbacks and Adaptations — 09/01/12 - 08/31/17 Details
  • An Adaptive Leak Detection And Risk Analysis Framework For Urban Water Distribution Systems — 08/15/11 - 07/31/16 Details
  • Development of a Scalable Parallel I/O Module for Environmental Management Applications — 07/27/10 - 09/30/12 Details
  • Performance Engineering Research Institute (PERI) — 06/07/07 - 12/15/12 Details
  • Development of a Design Tool for Planning Aqueous Amendment Injection Systems — 03/31/06 - 03/31/12 Details
  • DDDAS-TMRP (Collaborative Research): An Adaptive Cyberinfrastructure for Threat Management in Urban Water Distribution Systems — 01/01/06 - 12/31/09 Details
  • ITR: A Prototype to Enable Near Real-Time Environmental Characterization on the Grid — 09/01/03 - 08/31/07 Details
  • High-end Computer System Performance for Science and Engineering Applications — 10/01/02 - 12/31/06 Details
  • CAREER: High-End Computing In Environmental Engineering With Application to Subsurface Characterization — 07/01/03 - 06/30/09 Details
  • High-End Computer System Performance for Science and Enginnering Applications — 10/24/01 - 09/30/02 Details

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Computing and Systems

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  • CE 791 - 001Fall '16 Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering Computing

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