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Phone: 919-515-7261 Email: kowalsky@ncsu.eduOffice: 400 Mann Hall  MapWebsite: www4.ncsu.edu/~kowalsky/

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Dr Mervyn Kowalsky


Dr Kowalsky is interested in earthquake engineering design and analysis, behavior of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures, development of alternative performance-based seismic design procedures, and soil-structure interaction.

  • Ph.D., Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego
  • M.S., Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego
  • B.S., Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego

Mervyn Kowalsky is a Professor of Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. His research, which has largely focused on the seismic behavior of structures, has been supported by the Alaska, California, and North Carolina Departments of Transportation, the Alaska University Transportation Center, the National Science Foundation, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and several industrial organizations. He is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and an active member of several national and international committees on Performance-Based Seismic Design. Dr. Kowalsky is currently serving on the editorial board of Earthquake Spectra (the journal of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute), and has received the American Concrete Institute Structural Research Award for his work on the seismic behavior of lightweight concrete bridges and the ASCE Journal of Cold Regions Engineering Award for his work on seismic behavior of bridges in extreme environments. He is the co-author of a textbook on the Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Structures and also teaches and maintains research collaborations with the School for Reduction of Seismic Risk (ROSE School) at the IUSS-Pavia, Italy. Dr. Kowalsky's students are usually involved in a combination of large scale structural experimentation and non-linear dynamic analysis aimed at developing solutions to problems facing the earthquake engineering community. His students conduct their research at the Constructed Facilities Lab on Centennial Campus, using several of the unique facilities at the lab, including a shake table, environmental chamber, and soil-structure interaction pit. Sample videos of past and current research can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxHIES5BME8Lz9oUYE-fBzw

Recent Research Projects for Kowalsky

  • Durability of the Grouted Shear Stud Connection at Low Temperatures — 03/01/16 - 05/15/19 Details
  • Transverse Seismic Design of Bridges with Longitudinal Keyway Joints — 03/01/16 - 05/15/19 Details
  • Pile Length Determination at Unknown Bridge Foundations — 09/23/15 - 09/30/17 Details
  • Seismic Repair of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Substructures (Columns by Plastic Hinge Relocation) — 05/15/15 - 05/15/18 Details
  • Seismic Load Path Effects in RC Bridge Columns and Wall Piers — 11/15/14 - 06/30/17 Details
  • Displacement-Based Design Seminar and Bridge Research Implementation — 05/01/14 - 08/31/14 Details
  • Grade 80 Reinforcement for Seismic Uses — 06/16/14 - 08/31/15 Details
  • Reinforced Concrete Filled Pipe Piles in Soil — 08/15/13 - 12/31/16 Details
  • Strain Limits for Concrete Filled Steel Tubes in AASHTO Seismic Provisions — 07/01/11 - 05/31/13 Details
  • Analysis of Truck Load Weight Distribution in North Carolina — 07/01/11 - 08/15/12 Details
  • Effect of Load History on Performance Limit States of Bridge Columns — 07/12/10 - 08/15/12 Details
  • Ductility of Welded Steel Column to Cap - Part Two — 07/15/10 - 12/31/12 Details
  • Behavior Of Hollow Steel Pipe Piles In Coastal Regions — 06/01/09 - 12/31/10 Details
  • Effect of Load History on Performance Limit States of Bridge Columns — 11/25/08 - 08/31/14 Details
  • Parameter Determination for Chaboche Model in ANSYS Finite Element Software Package — 11/01/07 - 08/31/10 Details
  • The Sounds of Concrete: Utilizing a Sound Acquisition System (SAQS) to Record Sound Waves Generated During Extreme Loading Events to Assess the Condition of Concrete Structural Systems — 07/01/06 - 06/30/07 Details
  • Design Criteria for Post and Beam Bents With Drilled Shafts and Other Structures — 07/01/05 - 06/30/07 Details
  • Effects of Low Temperature on Strength and Ductility of Bridge Structures in Seismic Regions — 06/01/05 - 12/31/09 Details
  • Pile Bent Design Criteria — 07/01/04 - 06/30/05 Details
  • SST: Polymer Fiber Waveguide Sensors for Performance-Based Assessment and Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure Systems — 08/15/04 - 07/31/08 Details
  • Behavior of Shear Dominated Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Members Under Seismic Conditions — 09/30/03 - 12/31/07 Details
  • The Dynamic Seismic Performance and the Structural Seismic Design of Residential Post-Tensioned Concrete Masonry — 02/01/03 - 06/30/04 Details
  • Behavior of a New High Performance Concrete Bridge on US 401 Over Neuse River in Wake County — 08/16/01 - 06/30/03 Details
  • Analysis of an Instrumented Jointless Bridge — 07/01/00 - 06/30/02 Details
  • Precast Post-Tensioned Clay Masonry Walls for High Performance Modular Housing — 08/15/00 - 07/31/03 Details
  • Full Scale Laboratory Testing of Large-Sized Long-Span Prestressed Concrete Girders with Vertical Cracking Caused — 07/01/98 - 06/30/00 Details
  • Pilot Studies in Performance Based Engr. of Clay Masonry Walls & Rein. Concrete Columns Under Extreme Natural Hazards — 01/01/00 - 12/31/00 Details
  • The Implementation of High Performance Concrete in a Set of Dual North and South Bound Four Span-Bridges to be — 10/15/96 - 06/30/01 Details

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